The iPhone that I put under the pillow rang to wake me in the gloom. I lift my body up from bed to look at the sky through the window, where I saw tints of yellowish glows radiating from behind the mountains. Expecting it to be a sunny day that I got out of bed immediately to do the routine pain release exerciser and climb to the rooftop to paint. From my rooftop, I saw glows from the Marine Police quarter, waiting for the scrutiny boat to report. The urban estate down the front of my block building was quiet while the door fronts were lighted up by the glows of the street lamps, creating a scene of hazy atmosphere along the narrow road. Gale wind dropped retaining a sense of peace that not even the birds were found chirping anywhere. I then set up my place to continue tackling with the sketch consists a lot of tedious elements bisected by the railings of the balustrade. To maintain the overall balance of the hues, instead of painting section by section, I began to add layers of the colors to the cover the whole page. Meanwhile the woman of the neighbor handing out her laundry noisily at her rooftop, yet I have no interest to find out the cause…





The iPhone woke me after dawn. Through the window of the bedroom I saw tints of orange lights radiating from behind the mountain range. Cool wind blew closing the window making the room drought. I briefly did my pain release exercise and climb to the rooftop to paint. At the rooftop I saw the sun appeared in an orange ball raising in between the acute gap of the mountains, while beside the police boat accessing to report at the Police Station, the sea was almost absent from activities. The sun did not cast hot rays to raise the temperature, allowed me to observed details amongst the complex views in a harmonized environment. Though proportions of the tedious elements might not be right, I felt please with the composition.




I suffered the burning gastric acid reflux throughout out the night. Sleeplessly I got out of bed after the second iPhone alarm. In the gloom, I walked to the kitchen in unsteady footsteps to take tablet and bread hoping they might help to control killing symptoms. Unconsciously I picked up my sketch to continue painting it at the rooftop. At the rooftop, the gales temporarily paused to lessen my worry while working there. But the caustic acid continued to burn my chest distracting my concentration to sort out the view behind the balustrade. Therefore, instead of observing the view, I turned my focus to work on the balustrade, which might help to clarify the complex composition afterwards. I did not mean to proof how I hate to paint linear object, but try to overcome the weakness, when the railing appeared wavy on the picture again. Meanwhile The sun rose behind the clouds failed to cast hot rays, but the gale howled making me feel uneasy. So I packed before it might blow my picture away.




The barbecue activities carried on last night. While the argument on the boxing fight between Tso and the former world champion Kohei Kono became electrifying and that did not stop until the game was terminated by doctoral advice. Drowsily, the iPhone rang to wake me in the gloom. Ignoring the pain release exerciser, I got out of bed and dash to rooftop to paint. Party ended leaving a quiet morning with isolated wind blow. Though I hate to build geometric structure for the picture, but somehow the grid helps me to measure the multiple perspectives occurred on this scene. Besides, the complex view took more time to depict than expected, while the sun rose up to the sky…




Wind blew into my bedroom through the slit of the open window. I lingered on bed enjoying the autumn coolness before dawn. It was still gloomy when the iPhone rings. I did my pain release exerciser to stabilize the heels to walk steadily. The podium at the back of my block is at the same level of my flat, and through the window of my kitchen, I saw a woman hanging out her laundry and another hurrying to the mini bus stop, and then I realized that I was not working alone before dawn. After drinking a glass of water I set off to the rooftop to paint. Ascending at the staircase, through the glass door of the hut, I saw reddish clouds sweeping across the pale white sky. At the rooftop, though it was gloomy, I guess it would be another mild sunny day. After finishing the view on the left hand side yesterday, to extend the panoramic picture, I decided to challenge the view further northward thought it might be too complex to handle. It includes the double layers of the balustrade when it bent to turn round the corner of the rooftop, which railings bisected the seascape into numerous facets. Enjoyed painting in the cool autumn breeze, I patiently measuring the double perspectives created by the railings. Meanwhile I felt the hot sunray cast by the sun, which has been raised high up to the sky. The reflective light also faded the sketchy lines on the paper, and perhaps it was time to leave …




A few families celebrated the Festival last night and they finished early. I woke up in a cool and quiet morning before the iPhone rings. I felt fresh after a good night sleep and set off to paint after the pain release exercisers. Climbing up the stair to the rooftop, I saw red light radiating through the gaps of the thin clouds floating across a pale blue sky. I thought it might be a bright day, so I put the laundry in the washing machine before painting. I took away the tools leaning on the balustrade after the washing yesterday and also for the reason that they were not included in the sketch. The railing of the balustrade was the last object to paint on the picture so I removed the masking tapes and add colors on. And then I found that to do a good masking for watercolor painting require skills, otherwise patches of white space would remain at the edges of the masked objects. The sun rose beyond the clouds to cast soft hazy sunshine but the reflective light faded the color tones of the scenery.




The iPhone woke me. I lingered wearily on bed before practicing the pain release exerciser in the gloomy sitting room. The local residents continued to celebrate the Moon Festival last night. At the lounge of the long corridor at the front of the block building downstairs, they hung lanterns in traditional style along the wires that they used to hand their laundries. The gale mercilessly howled to distinguish the candle lit, but that did not seize their passion for the occasion. Various party groups set up their barbecue stoves and soon crowed the corridor. I peeped through the window of the kitchen where at the podium I saw lanterns lighted by electric blubs glow swaying in the dark while thick clouds shaded the moon lit. I felt too tire to join them after the previous sleepless night. I went to bed and fall asleep in the mist of the murmuring chats until the iPhone rang before dawn. At the rooftop, it was absolutely quiet and beside the police boats, the seawater has no other marine activities at all. I heard a couple of birds chirped from afar and the cool breeze urges me to work before sunrise. I immured in the tranquil environment while seeing a clear and cool sea view and decide to add more paints on the sketch before peeling off the masking tapes. Meanwhile hazy sunshine shone to reflect clouds upon the sky and shadows of the balustrade on the surface of the flimsy water on the floor of the rooftop. ….