I woke up at quarter to five in the morning. I took the medicine and return to bed while the iPhone rang at five o’clock. Lying on bed waiting for dawn to break, I heard flocks of birds chirped cheerfully getting ready to receive a bright sunny day. After the morning exerciser, I saw red light tinting the clouds pinkish. So I climbed to the rooftop to paint without taking breakfast though feeling hungry. After taking a few snapshots at the rooftop I immediately settled down on the stool to paint because the sun has already emerged from behind the mountain at sea. Bright daylight intensified the hues of the scenery, contrasting the colors painted on the sketchy picture to become too weak. Then I decided to paint the wall of the water tank and the shabby canopy at the nasty neighbor’s rooftop. Meanwhile the sun rose high up the sky tinting the seascape into golden brown, and the sky above the shabby canopy to become cobalt blue. The pair of robins visited the TV antennae again; they enjoyed chasing each other up and down and flew away out of sight.





I woke up at ten minutes to five and get out of bed to take the gastro resistance tablet while the sky was still very dark. Then the iPhone rang a several times, but I did not respond until half past five when daylight turned bright. After the brief morning exerciser, I saw the clouds above the mountaintop begins to tint yellowish. So I climbed to the rooftop with my camera to capture the sunrise scene. It was calm and still at the rooftop while birds chirped mildly all over the place. Since I have moved the plastic partition back further to the southeast blocking the view of the nasty neighbor except their shabby canopy so that I could continue to paint the view further to the right hand side. I adjusted the position of the stool to face directly towards the wall of water tank and above it the neighbor’s shabby canopy and a small portion of the bushes on the hill behind. I caught the time to paint the greens bushes before the sun might cast too strong the rays to fad the tones of the green hues. Meanwhile the sun rose at the back of me when its solar position gradually shifting towards northeast and the sky turned cobalt blue. I saw a couple of robins, wondering if they were the same pair that I saw the previous mornings, chasing each other cheerfully up and down the TV antennae and gradually the scenery became lyrically beautiful. Though I wished to depict the scene as much as I could because the weather phenomenal might not be the same tomorrow, however the heat of the sun has become intolerable.




The iPhone woke me at five o’clock in the morning. Sluggishly I got out of bed at half past five because the neighbor down stair have had party to celebrate the mother’s day in advance until midnight. Feeling dizzy after the sleepless night, through the window of my bedroom, I saw a band of sandy rainbow radiating across the top of the mountain range that brightened me up. I felt happy to see the sun rise after almost ten rainy days. So I dashed to the rooftop to put the laundry in the washing machine before starting to paint. After taking a few snapshots I sat on the stool and continue to paint the scene facing the rooftop of the nasty neighbor. I wished to finish the scene as soon as possible so that I would put the plastic sheets back to the block their view. As the sun rose high up the sky, the vapor condensed clinging on the glass of the balustrade. So I tried to use a piece of cloth to swipe away the moisture but without success. Then I leave it for the sun to evaporate. Meanwhile the sun cast hot ray intensifying the tonal contrast of the scenery, and therefore, the more I worked on the sketchy picture, the more subtle contrast revealed. However, the hot sunray shone onto my face has become too hot to tolerate. …




The sky was gloomily dull when the iPhone woke me at five o’clock in the morning. But I did not get out of bed until half an hour later. After the morning exerciser, I turned on the steamer to cook the frozen buns in the kitchen, and then I took with me a cup tea to the rooftop to paint. At the rooftop, under the misery dull sky, I saw no marine activity on the sea except a big size patrol vessel roaring leaving the Marine Police Quarter. Sine the Tai Chi class begins at eight o’clock in the morning that I sat on the stool to calculate the amount of time I could spend for the sketchy picture. After working out the time I picked up a small brush and continue to paint the view facing the shabby canopy of the nasty neighbor. Meanwhile the town remained so quiet that I neither saw birds flying around the TV antenna nor hear the dump truck working at the garbage chute, but the iPhone range to remind me that it was time to leave.




The iPhone woke me at five o’clock in the morning. I did not get out of bed until half past five while dawn was breaking. I did the morning exerciser, take the medicine and climb to the rooftop to paint. I tried to do as much painting as possible facing the direction of the nasty neighbor while they were absent early in the morning. At the rooftop, neither rain fell nor wind blew respectively, and a couple of cuckoos hopping up and down screamingly on the motionless TV antenna. I thought the daily activity would return to normal after the grand celebration of the Tin Hau festival yesterday, yet I saw no marine activity on the surface of the sea water, which was as calm as a piece of pan cake and the town left dead quiet. Meanwhile the sky remained cloudy and foggy, I returned to sit on the stool and start to paint. Looking at the overdone picture painted yesterday morning, I cautiously tried to paint bit by bit with a small brush. However working in such a slow pace, I Inevitability have to leave the picture undone when it’s was time for the Tai Chi class.




The rainy weather continued. I took the medicine and return to bed at four o’clock in the morning while dawn began to break. I lingered on bed waiting for the iPhone to ring at five but did not get up until half past. I would not dare to delay any more because the Tai Chi Group senior promised to give me a special training schedule so that I could be able to catch up the pace with the other group members. After the morning exerciser and breakfast, I climbed to the rooftop to paint. At the rooftop I saw thick grey clouds suspending low upon the tops of the mountain range. At the nearby bushes the lonely cuckoo screamed to complain and drizzle follows. I stepped on the soaking wet floor to access the stool where I sat on to continue painting the washy sketch drafted yesterday. Meanwhile rain kept on falling dampening the wall of the water tank, and darkening the subtle tones of white wash. Then in order to put emphasize on the dampness of the wall, I carelessly added too many layers of washy paints. To balance the exaggerated hues painted on the wall I added deep hues for the rest of the elements but unfortunately over painted the entire picture.




I remembered taking the medicine before five in the morning when I was waken by the distance noise of the lonely cuckoo. Rain stopped when the iPhone woke me at five, yet I did not get up immediately but thirty minutes later. Through the window of my bedroom I saw a foggy sky, which forecast rain for the rest of the day. After the brief morning exerciser I climbed to the rooftop to paint. Since I predicted that the nasty neighbor would not access their rooftop as early as me, I decided to continue painting the view facing their shabby canopy. I wore a pair of thick worker’s gloves and quietly moved the plastic partitions toward the southwest without the awareness of the nasty neighbor. I then patiently and carefully depicted the once hidden sight. Meanwhile rain crept in and drops fall unnoticing until I saw ripples spread across the shallow water pond. I believed to have completed a sketchy picture before schedule and pack to have my breakfast contentedly.