I went back to sleep when the iPhone rang at 5:30 in the morning. Instead of the iPhone, bright daylight woke me at 6:30. I dashed out of bed, and without practicing the pain release exercise I climbed to the rooftop top to paint. But the confusing rush upset my empty stomach, which began to grumble mournfully. Feeling unable to settle, I returned down stair to my flat to fed my stomach with a cup of hot tea. When I heard slapping noise wafting from the door gate of those flats down below mind, I noticed that the time has gone past 8:oo o’clock. I quickly finished the cup of tea and return to the rooftop to paint, the birds chirp to cheer me up in the misery cool air, but the sampan generated the motor hauling noise off shore. Knowing that I shouldn’t give myself any more excuse and patiently picked up the brush to complete the sketch made yesterday …





The iPhone woke me up at 6:oo am. Outside the window the seascape was dark and most of the images at the far side appear in silhouettes. I got out of bed feeling difficult to find space to do my pain release exerciser, because the winter clothes were still lying around the sitting room. I waited for the daylight to turn bright before climbing to the rooftop to paint. At the rooftop, the air was chilly and the environment quiet except the birds chirped cheerfully around. Sitting on the same stool, I continued to shift the position of my body to the right side, where my eyesight meets the wall of hut. I measured the perspective and feel happy to find the wall of the hut occupy almost half of the page that means I can paint fewer items within. I felt relax to spend less time measuring an approximate perspective and the view looks pleasant to have images in vary scales. Meanwhile daylight intensified without the sun showing up, and then I heard people working at the morning market, their mutters informing me that was almost time to leave.




The iPhone rang a few times, but the pains on my back detained me on bed. I reluctantly got out of bed and climbed to the rooftop to paint. Yet I felt too weary to sustain the cool breeze and return to my flat for a cup of tea. The cup of hot tea helped to wake me from my drowse, and then I return rooftop to paint. The sheer of flimsy fogs pervaded the urban estate making it gloomy. The lamps on the street were still glowing at 7:00 a.m., under its shining glow, a long queue of people accumulated at the mini bus stop. A few sampans hauled off shore with the roaring motor, which noise overwhelming the lyrical chirping of the flocks of birds hiding amongst the bundle foliage on the treetops. I took out the sketch to paint trying to capture the pattern on the Japanese Wind Chime that was fastened on the laundry string, and the gale blew it to fly in the air …




I woke in the dark. While waiting for the daylight to turn bright I did my pain release exerciser before climbing to the rooftop to paint. I heard no noise waft neither from the birds nor the people queuing at the mini bus station. Tints of red light began to radiate at the horizon of the sea behind the mountain range …




I woke in the dark and linger on bed waiting for dawn. Daylight began to turn bright after the pain release exercise. It was not too cold at the rooftop, but flimsy clouds pervading the sky to make the scenery look so miserable. Gale blew the Japanese style fabric wind chime to fly high on the string driving away the birds, which might want to chirp at the top of the metal canopy. Since I did not want to meet the gossip women lives at the neighborhood rooftop, to complete the panoramic view, I sketched quickly while the Japanese style fabric wind chime flying violently. Maybe the swift movement of the chime disturbed me to measure the scale of the TV attender at the far side rooftop. I rubbed away the sketchy lines a several time until the debris left the surface of the paper. …




I felt too wearily to get out of bed this morning. I watched the TV program late last night. The program talked about the relationships between water, clouds, ice and hail. The individual characteristic and the formation of these elements arose my scientific concerns to paint clouds and sky. At the rooftop I felt the environment was quieter on Saturdays than weekdays. With the scene of the scientific phenomenon swirling in my brain, I carried on painting the picture started a couple of mornings ago. As the sun rose to intensifying daylight and wind blow to disperse the thick clouds, I was glad to see the blue sky above, so that I could paint it on the area, which I deliberately reserved for….


_01 pi


I woke up in the bright daylight without hearing the alarm from the iPhone. I dashed off my bed to the sitting room and switch on the TV, so as to find out the time and the weather forecast for the morning. Outside the window, I saw the sheer of flimsy fogs persisting to pervade the sky from the last few days. They remained to cover the sky and the scene of the town that even the intensified daylight could not disperse them. I hurryingly climbed to the rooftop preparing to paint the morning segment. The wind there blew so hard that I return to my flat for the large woolen scarf. Wrapping myself from head to neck I continue to add paints on the washy sketch started yesterday morning. After applying grey tones to the underside of the canopy, I found the atmosphere created on picture reveal misery. In order to virtualize the picture, I added vibrant blues and greens to the canvas top and the plantations respectively. And then I hesitated if I could make up a blue sky for the picture. Nonetheless my conscious urged me to face the factual guide from the phenomenon of nature that I planned to investigate for the purpose of the daily site practice.