The iPhone woke me after dawn. Had not realize how cold the temperature would be, I dashed to the rooftop to take snapshot before sunrise. Feeling cold without wearing the thick jacket, I returned to my flat to do the morning exerciser and have breakfast. Arriving at the rooftop, I saw the sun rising above the mountaintops without tinting the sky colorful. Though the sky was blue and the glasses of the balustrade clear, I had no intention to paint the seascape shown through the glass balustrade. Instead, I chose to paint another segment on the under side of the metal canopy. As the position of my view changed, the pattern of the hollow strip on the metal plane turned round the corner to become almost horizontal. Besides lifting my head hurting the neck, the bright sunlight also blinked my eyesight while observing the fabrication of the metal plane. Therefore, I mingled my memory with less observation when drawing lines to build up the pattern of the canopy. Meanwhile I alerted the nosy woman tiptoe at her rooftop, and then I quickly splashed a layer of shadowy tone to wrap the picture up.





I woke up at midnight seeing a half moon hanging brightly upon the dark sky. Knowing that the following day was going to be sunny, the iPhone woke me after dawn. Though the window of my bedroom I saw a band of sandy cloud floating across the mountain range. I got out of bed immediately to take snapshot upon the gorgeous scene before doing the morning exerciser. It was cold at the rooftop, and therefore I return to my flat down below to take breakfast. Daylight turned bright fast before I had my cup of tea. Returning to the rooftop, under the bright daylight, I saw sheers of vapor clink masking against the glasses of the balustrade. Visually unable to see through the seascape through the opaque glasses, I choose to paint another segment on the under side of the metal canopy. The sun rose tinting the sky deep blue at the same time creating tones in contrast between the beams and the hollow plane of the metal canopy. I began to learn more on the hollow fabrication of the metal sheet while discovering incorrect scale was sketched. Unable to make correction upon the previous draft, I did not attempt to correct but continue to add paints. Meanwhile I heard noise wafting from the neighbor, in order to avoid her annoyance, I made a pause to the work.





Instead of the iPhone, the cuckoo woke me after dawn. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw a band of vibrant sandy rainbow radiating from behind the mountaintops. The dramatic phenomenon overwhelmed the mourning cry of the cuckoo in the freezing morning. I got of bed with no hesitation and turn on the heater to do the warm up exercise. Meanwhile the sun was too anxious to emerge from behind the mountaintop, in order not to miss the joy that the sun might cast, I hurried to the rooftop to take snapshot before having my cup of tea. At the rooftop the sun shone brightly tinting the blue sky with a layer faint vibrant hues, yet it was too cold to stay before breakfast. After my cup of tea, I wrapped myself bulky and return to the rooftop to paint. The sun began to rise high up the sky while I discovered that the polar position of the sun has been shifted eastward from the south. And the rays shone directly upon my face to blink my eyes seeing the frontal seascape. Therefore I changed my mind to paint another segment on the under side of the canopy. However as the sunray intensified, it confused the tonal contrast that I was observing. And with no other reason, I put the blame upon the box of French palette after trying patiently but failed to mix the relevant tones for the painting.




The iPhone woke me at five o’clock in the morning to take the gastro resistance tablet. The pains on my back detained me on bed while hearing rain drops hit on the windowsill. In the kitchen I heard the mourning cried of the cuckoo in the mist of the rain while the pains on my back urged me to return to bed. The iPhone woke me again at six o’clock while the cuckoo cried again. Though the temperature dropped further again, I did not feel too cold in the flat and get up to do the morning exerciser and have breakfast. At the rooftop, rain water ponded the lounge and wind blew down the plastic sheets again to expose the rooftop of the neighbor. I changed my mind to paint another segment on the under side of the metal canopy. This time I have learnt the fabrication of the hollow pattern on the metal roof, which gave me more confidence to depict. Meanwhile the temperature continued to drop and the chill make me feel cold, yet that did not discourage me to carry on with the painting, because I was sure that the nosy neighbor would not access the rooftop in rough weather condition.




The iPhone woke me at dawn. Though the temperature seemed continue to drop, I did not feel cold in the flat. I got out of bed, feeling the pains on my back; then I did the morning exerciser and have breakfast before climbing to the rooftop to paint. The sky remained clouded after the fogs dispersed. However the sky was clear enough to see the mountains at the rear of the seascape. Having the plastic partitions sheet fell on the ground that I saw the neighbor pull her canvas blind down. Well, I cared not whatever her purpose is, but feeling release not to see her annoying sight. Therefore I chose to take the last chance to finish the sketchy painting, which includes the pot plants at nosy woman rooftop. Meanwhile I heard the timid peeping of the mini van and the chirps of the birds wafting from somewhere far away, but not the dump truck…




The iPhone woke me at dawn and daylight tuning bright fast. The observatory forecasted the temperature might drop again this morning. The couple of degrees drop did not obviously cool the temperature too much, but fog and high humidity continued to pervade the town. After the morning exerciser I climbed to the rooftop to paint without taking breakfast. Arriving at the rooftop, I found the clear plastic partitions fell on the ground by the side of the water tank, while fogs began to disperse, exposing the green hill behind the neighbor’s rooftop. Seeing the neighbor’s rooftop was clear without laundry, especially the flirty ones, I just hoped that the nosy woman might not appear during the time I work. Therefore instead of setting up the plastic in its place, I left the mass as it was because I decided to take the risk to enhance the sketchy segment facing in that direction. Then I returned down stair to collect the sketch. Meanwhile gusts of cool breeze blew while the temperature continued to drop. Hearing neither noises wafting from the local people nor the birds, I felt cold painting in the dull and misery environment alone.



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Fogs persisted this morning. I woke to see nothing outside the window of my bedroom, but a sheer of flimsy chiffon curtain flitting in the air. Daylight grew bright before I did my morning exerciser and my cup of tea. At the rooftop I found the lounge at the front was wet, other than the big tree down the road, I saw noting beyond the glass balustrade. For this reason I selected one of sketchy segment to enhance the under side of the metal canopy. For this segment time I needed to work out the tonal shadows created by the hollow pattern of the metal sheet especially those areas bisected by the metal beam support horizontally across. Meanwhile I heard mothers yell to their children to dress up probably for school, the labors operating the noisy dump truck and the mini van beeped. Being got lost in the mist of the dense fog, birdies chirped loudly for help. Occasional roar of vehicles speeding on the road, while the patrol vessel returned to report at the Marina Police station. The sun did not show up while the fogs becoming denser with no way to disperse.