The iPhone woke me up at five o’clock in the morning. I got out of bed to do the morning exerciser and prepare to paint the second segment on the rooftop canopy. At the rooftop, I saw pinkish clouds floating across the sky below some thick clouds while the sun was still behind the mountain. Without seeing the flirting laundry of the nasty neighbor, I felt save to access the balustrade to take snapshot of the cloud scene. Since the sun began to rise above the mountaintop, and therefore before starting to paint I hung a large bathrobe on the laundry string to shade the blasting sunrays that might directly shine on me. I sat on the stool to paint without adjusting the position of it but shifted the angle of my body to the direction somehow facing the nasty neighbor’s rooftop. I then held cross stacking the couple of lollypop sticks to measure the horizontal and vertical perspectives on the metal canopy at the same time. And then I found that according to the angle I shift from my body, the hollows on the metal canopy visually distorted some acute angles ranging approximately from 60 to 15 degrees respectively. Since the strong daylight prevented me to watch the objects from time to time to obtain relevant measurement, then I took only the scales from both sides of the ulterior edges within the segmental view, and then divided the space evenly to accommodate the number of hollows counted on the canopy rooftop. In such a way an implicit interpretation of the pattern was finally achieved by guessing rather than an actual measurement. Meanwhile there was no time to seriously consider the out come for alternate option, because the sun has risen high beyond the laundry line. It mercilessly shone rays on me to blink my eyes, and sweats ran down the back of me. I busily swept away sweats on my face with one hand and splash washy paints on the picture with another because the intolerable heat did not allow me to stay any longer, but to make a pause.





The evening was quiet. The iPhone woke me at five o’clock while dawn was breaking. I got out of bed without delay because I need to finish painting before the sun might rise to cast heat on me. After some brief exerciser I took with me a piece of flash paper to the rooftop preparing to paint the top strip of the panorama. The images of the segment majorly includes the edge of the metal canopy above me and of course clouds floating across the sky. This morning, I arrived at the rooftop somewhat ten minutes earlier than yesterday. Instead of the rising sun, I saw red lights radiating from behind the mountains tinting the clouds above vibrant. So I accessed the balustrade to take snapshot of the calm seascape. Upsettingly I carelessly set my eyesight on the nasty neighbor’ rooftop, and glanced their flirty laundry that hung in the open area again. I instantly felt irritated to see their evil behavior. Nevertheless I tried to calm down so as to maintain my working spirit. I then returned immediately to my stool and adjust the position of it to make sure the prima view was in place. Meanwhile the sun rose behind the clouds, it brighten up the sky to cast strong light. To shade the light for the time being, I hung laundry on the string as a contingency. Somehow the annoying feeling returned when I need to concentrate while measuring the massive, alternate hollows that spread throughout the width on the metal canopy. Therefore, instead of observing the view, I counted the number of the hollows within the width of the sketch segment, and divided them with approximate proportion. When I felt happy to work out the scale, the sun rose above the laundry line and cast light onto my eyes. In order to present the sketch in proper manner, I quickly laid down a thin lay of washy paints and pack.




I woke up at about quarter past four again. Then I got out of bed to take the gastro resistance tablet and returned to bed. I did not get up when the iPhone rings at five o’clock but quarter past. Through the window of my bedroom I saw orange red light radiating toward the sky from behind the mountains. As summer approaches, the sun raises much earlier than I could finish the painting, so that I need to start working as soon as dawn breaks. Therefore I got out of bed immediately and dash to the rooftop to paint after some brief exerciser. The midnight breeze blew to welcome me to the rooftop while the sun began to emerge from behind the mountains. Concerning about the fact that sunny weather might change in a couple of days that I decided to put the laundry in the washing machine before starting to paint. Sitting on the stool I watched the scene in between the bars of the balustrade, I supposed the sketchy segment selected to paint this morning would be the last within the middle strip of the panorama and feel happy to be able to kick off the top strip tomorrow. Looking at the washy sketch, I started to enhance the metal bars of the balustrade trying to stand out the broken images revealed behind. Meanwhile the sun rose above the mountain casting blasting rays directly on me. Then I did the same thing as yesterday, hang a large towel on the laundry cord to shade the bright light. Returning to the scene, the strong rays tinted the sky blue but the mountain at the rear appeared in silhouette, it subsequently swopped the overall sensation in an instant. For the time being, sweat ran all over my body warning me that the direct heat of the sun might become intolerable soon. In order to complete the picture, I carried on painting …




I woke up drowsily at quarter past four. I went to the kitchen unconsciously to take the gastro resistance tablet and returned to bed. At five o’clock the iPhone range to wake me while dawn begin to break. I did not get out of bed until quarter past. Then I jumped out of bed to do the morning exerciser and prepare to paint at the rooftop because red light already tinted the sky above the mountaintops golden orange. It was calm, bright and quiet at the rooftop while the sun just about to emerge from behind the mountaintop. So I sat on the stool and start to paint without delay. However daylight radiated from behind the mountain did not cast light to reveal the details of the hills but shaded them in flat shadows. Meanwhile the sun rose casting sunray blinking my eyes to watch the scene. To shade the blasting rays, I hung clothes on the laundry string to temporarily prevent it to shine directly onto my face. Nonetheless strong lights evaporated the hot air to illusively transform the vision that I was painting. I instantly closed my eyes to adjust the focus of my retina, and when I opened my eyes I see images in filtered hues. Subsequently, the sun rose high up the sky and its ray mercilessly casts on me from above the laundry hanging on the string. The rays heated up my body and sweats begin to fall from the forehead down to my face….




I woke up at half past four while the sky was still dark. I took the gastro resistance tablet and return to bed. It was not too long the iPhone rings to wake me at five o’clock. I lay on bed drowsily waiting for dawn to break. Through the window on my bedroom I saw red light radiating above the mountaintop beyond the position of the Marina Police Quarter towards northeast. Daylight turned bright much faster than I expect so I got out of bed with no delay and climb to the rooftop to paint before the sun might cast blasting heat on me. At the rooftop, I felt the cool air pervading the quiet town, however when I settled down on the stool beginning to paint, I heard massive timid breeze wafting from the bushes near the hill. The breezy noise of the cicada becoming dense overwhelming the chirping of the birds and the cuckoo screamed loudly to stand out her vice like a symphony performance. Meanwhile I felt the heat of the sun getting hot as it rises high up the sky. Gusts of cool wind blew to cool me down, which also blow the cloud to float across the pale white sky and hid the sun behind. In such a way the less hot situation allowed me to continue painting until I feel happy with the picture.




I woke up in the bright daylight without hearing the iPhone rings. I hurryingly got out of bed to do the morning exerciser and went to the rooftop to paint without taking the medicine because pinkish clouds has deepened into orange yellow spreading across the sky. After some snapshots I returned to the stool to paint. This morning I shifted the position of my body back to face the northeast and continue to paint the unfinished sketch picture. I decided to enhance it because the hues painted previously were too pale and weak comparing to the vibrant scenery at the beginning of summer. Then, at the top a of TV antenna, I saw a pair of birds rested upon making me feel accompanied, they looked at each other without making a sound and flew away unnoticing. Meanwhile a gust of cool breeze blew and grey thick clouds floated across overwhelming the sky. Thick clouds hid the sun behind reducing the blasting heat cast on me. So I took my time to paint as long as I could tolerate …




Flocks of birds chirped waking me up early in the morning. As usual I did not get out of bed when the iPhone rang at five o’clock but half an hour later. Through the window of my bedroom I saw bright light radiate form behind the mountains, it began to tint the clouds pinkish. After the warm up exerciser I saw the sun in the shape of a burning red ball emerged above the mountains tops. Instead of putting the laundry in the washing machine, I took the winter clothing to the rooftop and hang them on the laundry string for natural antiseptic under the blasting sunray before putting them away. After all it was time to paint before the unbearable sunrays cast on me. I sat on the stool facing the shabby canopy at the nasty neighbor’s rooftop. I kept on adding deep tones to the sketchy picture until the sunray intensified fading away the color tones of the scenery and at the same time tinted the sky cobalt blue. Meanwhile I heard no other noises but the birds chirped cheerfully all over the place and so did I felt please to finish the picture under the unbearable heat of the sun.