I kept waking during the night. And at 5:00 a.m. the alarm clock woke me. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw vibrant red lining enfolding a thick stripe of dark cloud, floating across the pale grey sky. Since the weary drowse weakening my keenness to capture the overwhelming physical phenomenon, I sluggishly climbed to the rooftop to take snapshots after the morning exercisers. The sun was still hiding behind the mountains at sea, when a gust of cool breeze blew to wake me from my drowse. I prepared to work on the 3rd sketchy draft by adding relevant hues of the morning scene, but the joyous moment did not last long when the sun rose to cast hazy sunshine to reflect images on the surface of the glass balustrade. I instantly felt challenging to see the way the view was altered and hesitate how to continue with the painting. In no time to delay, I depicted as much as I could see through the transparence of the glass balustrade before a perfectly clear seascape reflected on the glass at the corner sector of the balustrade overcasting what was behind it. Meanwhile the sun began to shine tinting the scenery yellowish, the birds found their place to chirp amongst the trees and people muttered on their way to work. …




The bright, fine weather remained constant during the past few days. I seemed to have lost intense interest to capture the phenomenal situation. By the time I arrived at the rooftop, the vibrant hue on the sky beginning to fade. Then I realized that I need to catch up with the time to paint before the sun may rises to cast hot rays on me. I immediately took out the second washy segment trying to enhance the pale images with hues, while the sky was still gloomy. I seemed to paint from memory more than observing the scene when some of the plantations grow in front of the marine quarter began to emerge from the status of silhouettes. It was not too long when the sun rose high up to the sky casting bright light on earth, it filtered too much of the hues from the scene that I saw earlier, which becomes too difficult to follow. So I turned the focus to paint the floor tiles on my rooftop, because I did not have to lift my head up to meet the rays from the sun. To hide from the heat, the birds referred to chirp inside the bushes. I began to notice both of my arms has been turning browner each morning and sweat fell from forehead down to my face while my T-shirt becomes soaking wet. Meanwhile the sun intensified the ray down toning the hues of the scene….




The alarm clock woke me up at dawn. While I was dashing to the kitchen to switch off the alarm, I saw lights in orange pink radiating from behind the mountains range at sea. Since the sunny weather has been lasted for more than a week and I suppose another hot day would be on the way. Unable to resist the gorgeous seasonal phenomenal, which might disappear soon, I climbed to the rooftop to take similar snapshots. I did my morning exerciser at the rooftop before stating to paint while evidencing the vibrant hues to diminish. Now it was time to enhance the sketchy segments of the panoramic picture. And amongst 16 of them, I started to paint sequentially from the 1st sketch, which was drafted more than a couple of weeks ago. Meanwhile the sun rose faster than I expect and to cast bright light on earth. Which kept filtering the hues of the scene giving me a task to alter the changes. Nevertheless, I felt unable to chase the speed of the intensifying sunray, and finished the picture without making too many alterations.




Attempting to see the Perseid meteor shower during the night, I kept waking and climbing to the rooftop hoping to have a good glimpse. But it was rather disappointing when the moon emerges brightening up the sky and drizzles followed. The alarm clock woke me again at 5:50 am, and immediately I dashed to the rooftop trying to capture the last sigh of the meteor shower before dawn. Surprisingly instead of seeing the meteor shower, I saw bright light radiating from behind the mountain range. Soon the thick grey clouds tinted with reddish orange linings floating across the pale blue sky. I decided to stay to do the pain release exerciser while taking snapshots of the gorgeous weather phenomenon. I shifted the stool slightly to the north to paint the last segment of the panoramic picture on the left hand side. Since the view of the scene was getting near to where I sit for painting, and the modest elements composing the segment were again no easier to depict than the previous ones. After making several adjustments on the perspective the sun has risen up the sky casting hot ray on me. To warp the picture properly, I patiently laid down some washy colors before packing.




The alarm woke me at dawn. I dashed to the kitchen to switch off the iPhone alarm. Through the window of my study room, I saw strips of reddish pink clouds floating diagonally across the pale grey sky. I immediately took my camera from the drawer and rush to the rooftop to take snapshots while the phenomenal scene remained gorgeous. Wanting to take more snapshots, before the vibrant hues of the clouds might diminish, I decided to stay at the rooftop to do the pain release exercise. Since the view to paint this morning was facing the northeast again, where the sunray might cast directly on my face, I quickly set up my drawing kit to paint. The structure of the scene extended from the last segment was no way simpler, and seems to have taken me even longer time to depict. Meanwhile the sun rose up above the mountain range and its blinking ray disallowing me to observe the view properly. To continue with the sketch I pull my hat down shading the direct rays. Meanwhile I did not bother to alter the incorrect perspective scale measured for the overlap railings, when the heat became unbearable. …




The alarm clock woke me at dawn. The lamps on the streets were still lighting up the urban estate under the gloomy sky. I dashed to the kitchen to switch off the iphone alarm before the neighbor might complain about the ringing noise. After the pain release exercise I climbed up to the rooftop to paint. The midnight drizzles wetted the floor while breeze blow wafting chirpings of the birds from the trees around. I settled quickly to paint before the sun might rise to shine. After painting the last segment on the right hand side yesterday morning, I shifted the stool to sit facing the northeast. Besides the cross perspective of the edges at the rim of the rooftop and the overlapping railing resting upon, the head quarter of the Marin Police Force elaborated the structure of the picture. Without realizing that the scene, at the left hand side, has become the most complex composition comparing to those segments on the right side, it has taken ages to depict. Meanwhile the sun rose to cast a trail of golden beam shimmering on the water surface, which striking my eyes to see the view. Nevertheless, I always regret for not starting to paint earlier so that I did not have to rush for the thin layer of washy paints before packing.




The alarm clock woke me up at dawn. The night was cool and the sky misty pale having hazy rays radiating from behind the mountains. I reached the rooftop finding patches of water scattering around on the floor. So I swept those near the stool where I plan to paint the last segment of the panoramic picture on the right side. Before settling down to paint, I scanned around the seascape where a police speedboat accelerating noisily toward the shore leaving a curve, while bubble trails on the wobbling seawater. Thought the composition of the scene to depict was simple, yet to derive a pleasant view, I spent ages to measure the distorted perspective. While various species of birds flocked to enjoy chirping amongst the bushes, roaring noise wafted from afar overwhelming the unban estate. Soon a helicopter flew beyond the canopy toward the quarter of the Marine Police Force landed behind the couple of pine trees. It was time I need to put down a layer of washy paints on the sketch before making a pause for the morning’s work, while unnoticing hazy sunshine and isolated showers took their turns to shine and fall respectively. Meanwhile the helicopter returned annoyingly leaving roars to wake people up from their dreams.