It was dark as usual when I get out of bed after the 3rd alarm. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw a few strips of red flimsy clouds floating across the gloomy sky and disappear as dawn began to break. Though the temperature has risen I felt chilly at the rooftop when I climbed up there to paint. At the rooftop, I felt a peace of mind because the neighbor had a late night and I suspected them would be absent at the rooftop early in the morning. After sorting the segments, I decided to continue painting the picture did yesterday. However the sun did not show up to cast shadows, and the sky remains miserably dull. In order to avoid confusions that the significant tons have been changing, I tried to focus on the area, which has less influence by the various degree of sunrays cast during the pass couple of mornings. I finally chose to work on the underside of the metal canopy and part of the baggy, which popped down at the edge of the hut. Nevertheless the hues in  monochrome reflected upon the various material qualities of the Lyon baggy and metal canopy turned out to be another problem to tackle …


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