I woke up in the dark. The fogs shaded those stars I saw through the window yesterday. The temperature rose a few degrees and the wind drop to calm down the mood of the urban estate. A stream of light in red gradient radiating above the mountain tops alighting the moods of the day and so seems to forecast a bright day to follow. I felt comfortable to work without the neighbor visiting her rooftop. Relaxingly, I continued to shift the position of my body towards the left-hand side, and the view enters the inside of the hut. One of the handles of a baggy hung down at edge of the top highlighting the pure geometric structure of the page. Instead of taking a serious measurement, I leisurely took an approximate scale and adjust the perspective a several times. The tones of the view from inside out were intensifying as the sun rose to cast shadows upon. At the meanwhile, the simple composition has taken me almost the morning to draft that gave an excuse to leave the rest for the next morning to complete.



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