I woke up in the dark. While waiting on bed for the iPhone to ring, I saw a few stars in vary sizes shinning brightly upon the gloomy sky. Below it the sheer of darkness extended onto the sea and beyond the buildings on shore. And the glows of lights from the street lamps and the windows of the buildings echoed in the darkness. The cold air overwhelmed the sounds of the people’s mutter and the roars of the vehicles quieting down the moods of the urban estate. At the rooftop, the wind dropped and the temperature was not as cold as expected. So I fastened the glass door of the hut on the railing of the balustrade to set up the view that has been depicting yesterday. As the elements painted mainly including the metal frame of the glass door, the beam and top of the canopy that the tones of the picture become almost monochrome. Then I waited for the sun to rise to reveal the pale blue sky above the flimsy layer of fog. When I almost finished the picture, the woman of the neighbor arrived at her rooftop. She hung her laundry and weeding her plants … to avoid her gossip encounter, I roughly finished the painting and pack.


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