The iPhone woke me at 6:00 in the morning. Lazily lying on bed and through the window I saw a few stars twinkling upon the deep blue sky, and a few strips of thin clouds floating softly across like cotton wool and dawn began to break. Gale wind howled violently swaying the branches of trees and the laundry hanging at the balconies of the estate block apartments from side to side. The gale continued to blow hard against the glass door of the hut when I tried to push it open. At the rooftop I felt the air was not as cold as that forecast by the observatory, and beams of red light radiating from behind the mountain foretelling a bright day to follow. Not realizing that I sat facing the direction of the wind and had chosen to paint the view on the left hand side. The subsequent howling wind flipped the drawing paper to flap that I need to hold it down with my left hand when sketching the view. The unfavorable situation continued to turn bad, and I felt scare to hear ferocious slapping and banging noisily around me. Then I quickly splashed washy paints on the paper and pack to leave.


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