At dawn the sky was miserably dark. Thick clouds shaded the mountain rage at the far side of the sea and rain began to fall when I climb up to paint at the rooftop. In the messy hut I looked for worker’s gloves so that I can wear them to remove the fallen plastic partitions. Through the glass door of the hut, I saw the windy rain blowing horizontally across that I need to push open the door to enter the roof floor. To remove the plastic sheet I have to go beyond the canopy where rain fell on my back with no doubt. In the misty rain I checked the view before setting up my drawing location at the same place as yesterday so as to continue with the panoramic picture. Without plastic sheets bothering my sight, I saw clearly the metal railing erecting firmly on the stub of the edge boundary, which enable me to sort out the perspective sensibly. Meanwhile instead of hearing the bird chirping, thunder roared and rain follow, but I preferred to sketch in the cool misery than working under the hot sunrays. In order to derive a proper scale, I drafted the scene patiently through a lot of incorrect sketchy lines leaving rubber debris sprinkling all over the surface of the Waterford. Nevertheless ember rain thunderstorm retrieved, it swept instantly across the rooftop without allowing me time to lay down the primal wash on the sketch. I hastily rushed to hide inside the hut with my picture, waiting for the rain to diminish. Through the glass door I saw the thick clouds, suspending low from the sky, changed dramatically from sapphire grey to muddy brown, while the mountains at sea began to poke through the flimsy clouds and reveal clearly above the seawater. I felt overwhelm to evident the power of the phenomenal nature. Rain paused, I return to my seat and rapidly lay down some washes on the depicted metal rail so that I could mask them…rain fell again….


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