The alarm clock woke me at dawn. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw grey clouds pervading the sky and the seascape below becomes gloomy. The midnight rain left ponds of water on the rooftop and the gale wind blew the pile of the plastic partition onto the floor. I did not bother to tidy up the mess but prepare to paint because the observatory has forecasted thunderstorm warning. Instead of finishing the last panoramic segment, I drafted the view further on the right hand side. Meanwhile I found the peripherals on the previous segment do not flow with a reasonable distortion onto the new segment. I felt sad on my backward skill upon the perspectives measurement, but soon I excused my fault on the incidence of the pains on my back ever since I moved to Sai Kung. I calmed my anxiety down after scuffling for few a minutes, and decide to kept the quality of the individual segment. And to make things easier, I drafted the view with peripherals matching to the flow at top segment in disregard to that on the left. The view to paint this morning instantly looked simple, which actually involves an air conductor on the wall of the water tank and garbage bin by its side. Though the red bin became the major element, to wrap the picture up, I highlighted the top left corner with greens and the extension of the metal rail from both the peripherals at the top and left side. Finally I Hoped the full panoramic picture might not look wired.


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