I saw clouds pervaded the sky shading it gloomy at dawn. Rain did not fall during the night maintaining a dry rooftop. When I opened the door of the hut, gale wind blew hard scattering the small things soundly around the floor. To avoid the blow and to have shelter, I immediately sat on the same stool by the door to continue with the panoramic picture. Looking at the picture on my lap while the wind blowing hard to flip, realizing that I have forgotten to overlay masking fluid on top of the metal railing depicted yesterday. So I held the picture down to fill in the masking fluid with a toothpick instead of a bush. Daylight turning bright and wind continue to blow when I used up the masking fluid in a small cup. While waiting for the fluid to dry before applying watercolor, I enhanced the sketchy lines with color pencil. I subconsciously felt to have spent a long time painting the picture, because the sun did not shine to inform me the time. But then I gradually got used to the environment during the struggling process. Meanwhile the birds flocked to chirp amongst the bushes, telling me that I was not working alone.


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