It was calm at dawn. I saw a few strips of flimsy clouds floating gently across the sky. So I dashed to the rooftop to take snapshot while daylight intensifying to fad the red sky into grey. I hurryingly returned down stairs to change and went down town to meet the fishing boats. A couple them parked closed at shore, while both the fisherman and fisherwoman busily selling fishes on the deck of the boat. Pedestrians leant against the railing, peering downwards to select their purchases. I bought a couple of squids trying to redirect the wired eyesight of the fishermen before taking snapshot on their boats. On the way back home I met the Caritas’s buddy, she recommended me to buy a bunch of banners and a bag of sweet potato from the hawker. At the bus stop, an oldie resides near my estate chatted to me about the shopping and advise me to take the van instead of walking up the hill with the heavy sacks. When I got myself ready to paint at the rooftop, the sun has already climbed up to the middle of the sky casting blasting heat on earth. In no time to waste, I continued to fill colors on the washy picture made yesterday. Meanwhile my anxiety prevented me to settle on the complex pattern of the bushes until I boldly splash quick brush strokes to build up some recognizable images …


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