I woke up after dawn. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw grey clouds floating across the baby blue sky above the mountain rage at sea. Thick clouds dispersed to become thin allowing daylight to shine brightly on earth. Birds of various species flocked amongst the bushes chippering cheerfully to receive another sunny day. I arrived at the rooftop with my drawing kit while the sun began to cast hot rays drying up the roof floor. So before starting to paint and to shade against the strong ray, I set up the plastic sheet again, which was blown down by the strong wind yesterday. I confidently sat on the same stool to continue with the panoramic picture, but disappointingly finding the perspective in distortion got on my way. After a brief struggle, I found the perspective scales of the floor tiles on the adjacent picture had not been measured properly, which adjacent peripherals misled my judgment on measuring those near the turning corner of edge at the rooftop. I anxiously rubbed off the incorrect sketchy lines leaving pencil marks and rubber debris all over the surface of the Waterford. Meanwhile the unbearable sunrays reflected to blind my eyesight, and sweats slide from my forehead down to my face and from my shoulder to my back. I almost felt the heat burn under the sleeves when the sun shone beyond the plastic partition. So to wrap the picture up, I rapidly laid down a rough layer of washy paints and pack to leave.


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