Clusters of dark thick clouds pervaded the sky again at dawn. I lingered on bed wearily until the second alarm. Patches of water ponded scattering on the roof floor deposited with debris, so I swept the water near the door where the stool was, so that I could sit there to continue with the panoramic picture. I then scanned around the scenery to allocate the position of the view for the subsequent segment. But the plastic partition leaning against the metal railing blocked part of the view on the left side that I planned to paint for the morning. So I put on a pair of workers gloves to protect my hands when shifting them further backward to the door. I also wore a hat if the sun might shine occasional through the gaps of the clouds. The view for the morning to paint involved a portion of the metal railing erected on the edge of neighborhood rooftop, which inclines to occupy the bottom half of the paper. Since the geometric structure conforming a crucial part of the of the picture that I decided to draft the metal railing assiduously and mask them with clear fluid before painting the elements seeing through behind them Meanwhile thin clouds floated in revealing the blue sky above, and the sun took the chance to cast heat….


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