The midnight thunderstorm stopped at dawn. Clusters of the thick clouds floating across the sky densely shaded the sun behind disallowing it to cast rays upon the gloomy sky. I went lazily went back to bed waiting for the clock to ring the second alarm. On the rooftop, rain left patches of water scattering on the floor damping the stools that I used to sit for painting. I clumsily sat on the stool at the same place to continue with the picture left undone yesterday. I failed however hard I try to deepen the tones of the plantation behind the frame structure on the neighborhood rooftop, while the sun occasionally peeped to shine behind the clouds altering the color intensity of the scenery. I discovered that the railing on my rooftop erected in front of the neighborhood added complication to the view. Which accumulated a number of pigeon holds among them and therefore I needed to use small brush again to fill in each of the gaps within. I began to feel anxious when hearing the radio announcing the time while I progress too slowly to catch up the dynamic phenomenon. Meanwhile the sun cast heat energizing the urban to start a new day’s work, and I lost my patience to carry on…


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