Showers fell before dawn cooling the heat on the Hong Kong Regression Day. Through the window of my bedroom I saw brilliant sunrays radiating from behind the thick dark clouds up towards the navy blue sky, and so I wondered if the phenomenal nature prospecting a favorable symbolic sign on the day that the first female Chief Executive Mrs. Carire Lam would be commencing her new pose later the morning. It was not too long a layer of flimsy fog suspending to pervade the sky diminishing the brilliant sunrays. Attracting by the dramatic phenomenon, I felt no other priority that is more urgent than catching up with the time to paints before the sun might return to cast blasting rays on me. Arriving at the rooftop, I took out the undone picture of yesterday and continue to paint the view composed of various elements other than plantations and clouds. I saw birds flew hiding inside the swaying branches of the trees for shelter without making a chip while the cicada quivered noisily all over the place. Flimsy fogs shaded the sun cooling the place allowing me to enjoy working in a peaceful serenity. While I was enhancing the frame structure depicted on the picture attentively, the thick dark clouds dispersed to become thin white clouds floating leisurely upon the baby blue sky, and the sun exposed to radiate heat vitalizing the day for the grand celebration. Yet I felt the heat unbearable and decide to make to pause…


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