Strong sunrays at dawn tinted the clouds upon the pale blue sky vibrantly in orange. The beauty of the phenomenal natural attempted me to capture, so I immediately got out of bed and climb to the rooftop to paint. Stubbornly, I failed to race the transformation pace of nature without preparing to capture the phenomenon instantaneously. Missing the dramatic view disappointingly that I turned to set up my drawing kit to continue with the panoramic picture started a couple of days ago. I shifted my position to the right again trying to allocate the view, which bracketed to include the plantations on the hill on shore and the thick grey clouds breathlessly covering the sky. The objects of the view comparatively became much bigger than those on the previous segments in terms of scale and details also clear. After drawing some sketchy lines on the Waterford, I used a small brush to highlight each bunch of the bushes according to the tones of warm and cool. Meanwhile the sun rose to cast unbearable heat directly onto me below the canopy on my rooftop. And the intense daylight reflected to confuse my bond of observation, inevitably I decided to pause painting but leave the picture undone for the next morning.


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