Since the alarm clock has broken that I linger on bed waiting for dawn. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw tints of pinkish and cantaloupe clouds traversing diagonally up meeting the big cluster of dark thick clouds suspending from the sky. By the time I climbed up to the rooftop, the sun hangs firmly high up the sky casting vital sunshine to the seascape. The morning was hot and dry and isolated showers keep falling from time to time leaving patches of water scattering on the floor, which did not cool the radiant heat down. Then I moved the stool backward near to the door of the hut so that the clear plastic partition boards could shade the direct rays for my eyes. Under the thick grey clouds the sea view was clear enough to reveal details on the mountains, which was selected to paint with no choice. Instead of splashing large brush strokes, I used a small brush to draw the plantation in various tones of green. Meanwhile the solar position of the sun shifted towards the left longitude of the earth, and inevitably cast rays to hit my eyesight. Unable to see the invisible sight, I painted the picture with memory rather than watching the view. A cruise stationed in the middle of the calm seawater began to set off and perhaps it was time to pack my work.


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