I woke at dawn waiting for the alarm to ring in bed. I got out of bed not feeling pains but effortless on my spine. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw a pale grey sky in flimsy clouds. So I steadily climbed up to the rooftop to paint. Wearily I moved the stool beyond the hut under the shelter to avoid the patches of shallow waters scatter on the floor. Clouds began to suspend low upon the mountain ranges revealing the layers of them clearly. I picked up a small brush to depict each of the layers attentively and wash it from time to time to avoid muddy hue. Without Prussian blue on the new palette, I found it difficult to mix distinctive bluish grey for the clouds thickly pervading the sky. Meanwhile rain fell again to disperse the cluster of clouds changing the phenomenal dramatically. Soon the sky became clear again while a small fishing boat pulled gently returning to shore on the quiet seawater vitalizing the gloomy atmosphere of the morning. …


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