The alarm woke me and I get out of bed at the second ring. It was dry and gloomy at sea, so I climb to the rooftop to paint after some pains release exercisers. The rooftop ponded with some patches of water, which did not bother me because I have coated waterproof paints on the floor before the moonsoon season began. To aovid wetting my feet, I remained to paint near the door of the hut. Meanwhile, thick clouds floated in to suppend low on to the mountian tops shading those at the rear, and then rain followed like cats and dogs. I splashed paints with a medium size brush trying to capture the thick clouds with intensed hues, but the paper refused to absorb and disperase to fad. So I tinted the top of the paper with bluish grey for the cloudy sky and start to paint the mountians at sea, which was disappearing behind the rainy vapor. I saw the tonal change dramatrically as the intensity of the daylight change while the clouds condensed to fall and some other float in to shade the sky again. I felt out of my wits neither to chase the powerful phenomomeal natual nor to revert the painted images…. Rain eventually cleared the sky and stop. ….


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