I woke up at quarter to seven without setting the alarm clock. Lying on bed I saw a clear cloudy sky while the midnight rain stopped. I immediately climbed up to the rooftop to paint. At the rooftop I found only a few patches of water gathering at the shallows of the floor. Further at sea, I saw the mountain range revealing the growing plantation in tonal greens, attempted me to depict instantly. I carefully sketched the details with color pencil to distinct various sections of the plantation. Since the big brush worked undesirably that I try the medium size to capture the floating clouds, which were dispersing on the pale grey sky. However the purplish grey remained a headache to mix while the paper refuse to absorb but merged the washy paint to flatten the tones. Then I began to suspect neither the thickness of the paper, nor the quality of the brushes coping with the new color palette, while I blamefully struggled to find out the cause of my retrograde painting skill. …


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