Thunderstorm woke me at midnight while ember and red rain thunderstorm follow. Rain stopped at dawn but I linger on bed waiting for the alarm clock to ring. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw a pale grey cloudy sky protruding misery scenery down blow the seascape. I wearily climbed up to the rooftop to paint after checking the prospective leaking areas of the house. Arriving at the rooftop, I found the flooding situation on the roof floor was not as bad as the previous mornings. So I set up to paint with no desire to care about the chaotic condition around me. Gloomy sky shaded most of the strong rays casting onto the scenery that details on the mountains revealed clearly. So I took out the color pencils to sketch as much detail as I could see and paint with watercolor trying to race with the light intensity, which might solidify the shapes of the mountains. Though I used a larger brush to paint, but cloud is always difficult to capture, and perhaps I should paint on the heavier paper for the washy paints to absorb before they merge to fad. Meanwhile, clusters of clouds condensed to fall as rain, leaving a sheer of pale grey flattening the sky…. and boats on the seawater pulled off shore to began a busy day.


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