I lingered in bed waiting for the alarm clock to ring. Then I got out bed feeling the time was late. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw grey clouds generously pervading the sky to stipulate a gloomy seascape. At the rooftop, water ponded the floor and drizzles flit to the inside of the shelter. To change the view to depict, I moved the stools to the other side of the hut to capture the portion of the mountain range extending to the left side. In order to avoid over doing subconsciously with washy paints, I immediately sketched a brief draft to identify the layers of the mountain range. Settling down to paint, I saw a quiet sea view without traffic disturbing the calm water surface, but then I heard from the garbage chute the supervisor yell to instruct the track to toil noisily. A gust of rainy breeze wafted rotten smell from the garbage chute instantly adding unpleasant facet to the misery sentimentalism. Before I could depict the scene, clusters of the thick dark clouds floating in swiftly and soon condensed to fall as rain. I plucky added on darker tone trying to enhance the clouds, but the picture was too wet to absorb more paints, which disperse to fad the overall tones on the picture. Meanwhile rain fell like cats and dogs flooding the roof and soaking my feet, while I lost my patience to challenge the natural phenomenon further.


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