Dawn arrived much earlier than the alarm clock. I got out of bed wearily and set off to paint at the roof floor. The midnight rain ponded the rooftop except the area near the door of the hut remains dry. Without much choice, I stayed at the same place to paint the same view, trying to enhance the painting quality with the experience learnt during the pass few days. I started to sketch the view with color pencil when daylight revealed details on the mountains at sea. Meanwhile clouds floated in thickening the clusters, which became too heavy to sustain upon the sky but instantly fell as rain. I tried to mix some dark purplish grey for the thick clouds and dilute it with water for those above the mountaintops, but the clouds floated to reform much quicker than my brush could splash the paints on the paper. Eventually I got fad up chasing the changes when the clouds disperse to fall as rain like cats and dogs. So I moved my focus to depict the mountains before the details might turn vague by the sheer of foggy rain. Under the shelter of the metal canopy, I enjoyed the breeze flitting raindrops toward me while it gradually reduced to stop. But the flooding water on the floor urged me to make a pause to the picture.


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