Rain fell like cats and dogs hitting the metal canopy of the rooftop to sound “dart dart dart “. I reluctantly got out of bed after the second alarm. I carried my painful feet to climb up to the roof floor to paint and have no surprise to find water ponded on the shallows. Then I swept the water near the door of the hut so that I could set up my drawing kit to paint. The view of the seascape looked similar to that of the pass few days, except the cluster of dark and heavy clouds suspended from the sky. I quickly sketched the view with color pencil racing the speed of the transforming clouds, which eventually had no patient to wait but condensed as rain. The clouds swiftly dispersed to become thin and flimsy, while the rainy vapor hid the hill at the rear amongst the mountains range at sea. Soon the seascape became a sheer of foggy silhouette sitting behind the plants on shore. Soon the rain reduced, but it ponds on the roof floor again soaking my feet wet. Not knowing if the weather might change again, I caught up with time to depict the mountains thought the details were vague. Then it was not too long, another cluster of heavy dark clouds floated in to fall, and the scenery adapted into another view….


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