I woke up at dawn before the alarm clock ring. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw heavy dark clouds suspending low upon the tops of the mountain range at sea. I immediately turned on the radio to check the weather forecast because typhoon signal no. 1 had been issued late last evening. I listened attentively to the weather report that tropical cyclone Merbok is approaching Hong Kong gradually and signal no. 3 would be issued in a couple of hours. So I climbed to the roof floor apprehensively envisaging the natural phenomenon of the first typhoon since I moved in Sai Kung couples of months ago. A few ponds of water gathered on the shallows of the floor at the roof, which I did not feel to have priority to sweep but to capture the climatic change a head of the tropical storm. I did not make any set up but quickly sat on the stool placing at the same place near the hut. Except a few gust of isolated gale blew to fling the plastic partition by the railing to sound clunky, the scenery did not vary much from that of yesterday morning. Meanwhile to capture the translucency of the mountains at sea remains a goal to tackle….


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