Very thick clouds pervaded the sky leaving gaps for the blue sky to show through. The thick clouds suspending low upon the tops of mountains range, which layers lyrically appeared in translucence, attempted me to depict. I prepared to paint at the same position as yesterday when the radiant sunray shone directly toward me. In order to capture the clouds before they might reform and float swiftly away, I splashed watery brush stokes on to the plain paper without sketching with color pencil. The sun rose to shine above the plastic partition on to my face that I need to wear a cap. Though breeze blew to cool the hot air down, I somehow got anxiously fed up with the new palette, when I try but fail to mix relevant hues to the thick clouds, which were dispersing to show the baby blue sky behind. Instantly the atmospheric phenomenal changed dramatically, while I felt impossible to make changes on the picture accordingly, that I temporarily shifted my attention to paint the mountain range, which translucence began to fad. Meanwhile the palette did not give way for me to mix color to create translucence effect. And then I almost lost my patience to capture the colors of the seawater which intensity also kept changing as the clouds floating away to leave the sky blue.


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