It was bright and clear after dawn. I climbed to the roof floor to paint seeing a rich navy blue sky without the sun. Standing behind the clear plastic partition sheet, I felt the blasting heat casting from the sun shining directly toward me on the left hand side. I sat on the stool by the door of the hut while a gust of breeze blow to cool the hot air down. Looking at the passionate seascape I felt reluctant to depict the complex view of the bushes, because I found the white clouds floating swiftly across the clear blue sky to be more interesting and simple to capture. However the new palette drove me nuts when I fail to mix relevant hue to the scene. Meanwhile the sun shone radiant light fading the navy sky into a gradient of baby blue. I flopped to chase the vivid phenomenal of nature, which traverse too fast to race. Feeling incapable to capture the vivacious scene, which could only remained as memory in my brain, I took photographs to keep static records for the melodramatic.


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