Thick clouds hung over the blue sky at dawn. I got out of bed feeling fewer pains on my lumbosacral spin. So I climbed up to the roof floor to paint after some brief exercise. On the day of the “Grain buds” according to the 24 Solar Terms of the Chinese calendar, the weather was stuffy and hot, while the sun rose high to cast isolated sunray directly towards my eyes. I found my correct location continuing to paint the sketch made yesterday. Though the weather was bright, the occasional sun hid behind the clouds turning the scenery gloomy to reveal details of the mountain at sea. When it shone to cast strong light, the details was shaded to become a sheet of slate silhouette. I felt difficult to follow when the alternate sunshine kept changing the intensity of the colors both far and near, and therefore before the picture become muddy, I decided to leave the rest for the next morning to complete.


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