The second ring of the alarm clock urged me to get out of bed while the sun has emerged behind the mountain at sea. Though the pains on my lumbosacral spin reduced, it still bothering me when I climb up to the roof floor to paint. At the roof floor, I saw the sun rose high to cast strong rays onto the sea and the hills. The temperature quickly raised  heating up the roof, so I placed the stool near the door of the hut and by the side of the plastic partition so as to avoid receiving direct sunray. Meanwhile the views to paints have become limiting, so I tried to select small portion of the view and to paint the enlarged the scale, which reveal details of the plants. The large scale of the plants enable me to observe the growing character and composition of the bushes, where I also discovered the change of the overall green patterns and colors on the hill as they grow to adapt the change of the seasonal weather. The sea was calm without boat pulling off shore, while the neighbor on the next roof hung her laundry quietly. The heat cast from the sun start to burn that I decided to leave.


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