The sun struggled to emerge through the clouds without success. Ignoring the pains persisting on my lumbosacral spin, I climbed gently to paint at the roof floor. The weather was dry and bright having a sheer of reflective fog suspending onto the tops of the mountain range at sea. I placed the stool near the wall of the hut so that my back could learn against it. In such a way the view, selected to sketch at the front, withdrawn to show the edge of the rooftop. Proportion on perspective seems to be an everlasting problem needed to be tackled from picture to picture, yet I felt happy to get on with it. I started to draft the edge of the rooftop extending outward to the mountain at sea, while all the structural elements were aligned horizontally. The vibrant red blossom blooming abundantly on the front treetop remained my favorite item to depict, it also helped me to brush away temporarily the painful feeling persisted to stay on my back. I patiently sketched the view with color pencil while the thin clouds floated away to allow the sun to emerge. Bright sunshine cast behind the mountain intensifying the color of the plants on shore. Time flew unnoticing when I immerse to paint joyfully….


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