Drizzles lasted until the morning accumulating high humidity around the region. While the humid air infused into my body to increase the pains. I got out of bed after the second alarm because the pains did not release much after the warm up exercises. I carried my painful body to climb up to paint at the roof floor, where the floor was soaking wet both below and above the plastic sheet laid on the floor yesterday. To prevent the water that might infuse down onto the ceiling of my flat down below, I swept water gathered on the shallows near the hut. A sheer of flimsy mist suspended from the pale grey sky shading the mountains above the sea, while blossoms on the treetop below my roof blooming in vibrant red highlighted the scenery. Drizzles stopped and breeze blow to release the wearisome pains on my body while I sat peacefully to add colors on the linear sketch drafted yesterday morning. Soon patches of muddy color overwhelmed the fresh lines on the sketch weighting the picture into a heavy atmosphere, which I believed to be introduced from the pains on my body. Failing to create contrast to reveal the freshness of the plants at the front, I chose to leave the picture as it was.


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