The pains on my back disallowed me to sleep during the night. I lingered on bed waiting for the alarm clock to ring. The alarm did not stopped until I got of bed to switch if off. I climbed up to the roof floor wearily, after the pain release exercisers. Seeing a gloomy and calm seascape at the roof floor, I settled in front of the table to paint the view again, with no desire to make other choices. I started to outline a fresh sketch with color pencil; while breezy blew to release my anxiety and drizzles fall. Meanwhile, I was thinking to distinguish the picture from those painted with similar views during the pass mornings, so I used a thin tip brush to lay down dry strokes emphasizing details by means of linear style. Yet the perspectives and scales did not seem right because the bushes on shore were more complex that I expected. Pain returned urging me to make a pause soon, so to avoid confusion on depicting the complex plants, I referred to leave the rest for the next morning to sort.


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