The pains on my back woke me at dawn. I stay in bed to do warm up exercise to release the pains. Bright daylight brought along shadows of the sun urging me to get out of bed and to start the morning painting. The sun did not wait for me to arrive at the roof floor, while rises to hide behind the clouds. The stuff scattered on the floor was as bad as yesterday, but I have no notion to tidy it and started to paint immediately. The plants on the hill in front is getting greener each day tempted me to continue to tackle the massive green for the picture. So instead of a full view, I selected a portion including a treetop spout about the edge of my rooftop, which bore branches began to grow abundantly in fresh chartreuse and lime greens, whereas bunches of blossom blooming gorgeously in candy red. I quickly used color pencil to sketch a draft, but when I come to depict the bushes on the hill behind, the complex range of green put me off, though the tones appeared in shades of seaweed and olive, which obviously differ from those at the front view. The numbly palm gradually drained my patience to observe details of the plants while mixing the hue on the palette, and inevitably compelled me to pause painting and pack. Meanwhile birds chirped mercifully amongst the trees attracting bees and dragonflies to fly aimlessly around to irritate me….


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