I got out of bed at the second alarm. Through the window of my bedroom I saw the sun raising up to a cool, clear sky. So I quickly climbed up the stairs to the roof floor and surprise to feel no pains neither on my back or the sole. At the massy roof floor, though I put the stool back to the position and set up the painting station same as that of yesterday, I have to start a new painting for the dramatic phenomenal change. Immediately, I tried to capture the palely tinted ball of the sun and the variegated sky by mixing some relevant yellowish orange before they might fade. Meanwhile the rising sun radiated rays blinding my eyesight that I need to paint by memory most of the time rather than watching. Besides the reflective light shimmered the water, it also shaded the mountain range to become lays of silhouettes. I quickly splashed brush strokes to depict the gradation layers of the mountain range above the horizon when I still see them. Soon the sun rose high to shine unbearable ray overwhelming the scene, I even felt difficult to see the traffic on the seawater but an eagle flying upon the clear sky.


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