The pains on my numbly hand woke me instead of the alarm clock. I carried my painful legs climbing up to the roof floor to paint. Arriving at the roof floor, gale wind blew the stuff on the table to the floor and everywhere; even the plastic fence I temporarily set up has blown down. After a brief tidy up, I shifted the stool to the right edge of the roof floor to paint the view further on the left. At that instant both the pains on the sole of my foot and numbs on my hand began to ached swept away my desire to plan for a subsequent panoramic picture. Meanwhile all I wish was to finish the picture as fast as the pains might go worse. The view on the mountain range above the sea horizon was clear, but I massed the layering tones up with the left over hues used for the sky. So I mixed the green hue to distinguish the color of the plants on shore. To temporarily wrap the picture up, I sketched the a few village houses at the left bottom corner to balance the composition. Before long a few boats began to pull off shore disturbing the calm seawater, while I felt the pains irritating too much to continue with work and decided to pack.


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