The alarm woke me after dawn. Having fewer pains on my sole, I got out of bed after the brief warm up exercisers. The roof floor was damp with some patches of shallow water, so I swept them away before laying the drawing kit on the table. The sky was flimsy pale and fogs dispersing at the tops of the mountain range above the horizon. I depicted the same view as yesterday and the difference was details revealed under the soft daylight. I measured the view with my brush and interesting enough to find that the sea level always appeared horizontal on my paper, whichever the angle and position I chose to paint. As I sketched along, the outline of the mountain range and the plants on the on shore hill come out naturally after so many repeated exercises. Perhaps I should try to plan a panorama scene to avoid selecting the same view to paint aimlessly. Meanwhile, the garbage track drove off nosily without wafting too much stinky smell, small boats hustled from the piers leaving long white bubble trails on the calm seawater. Drizzles began to fall too, urging me to pack or perhaps warning me to get ready for another water sweep on the roof floor, if the rain might fell hard.


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