The pains on the sole of my foot swapped the pains on my back give me another sleepless night. I woke before the alarm but did not get out of bed until the second alarm ring. I leaped my painful foot to climb up to the roof floor to paint. Arriving at the roof floor, I found water covering almost half of the roof, so I immediately swept the water away before it might infuse down to the ceiling of my flat below. The drizzle continued to fall while the fogs condensing to overlay at the tops of the mountain range above the horizon. Without strong reflective rays, the scene was clear revealing the details of the mountains, which bluish hues contrasted sharply to the greens on shore. Therefore instead of depicting details I splash patches of colors to avoid the picture being overdone. Boats began to travel busily leaving long white bubble trails on the calm water. Meanwhile, noises and stinky smell wafted from the garbage chute urging me to pack and leave.


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