The alarm clock woke me from my drowse sleep. To release the pains on my back, I lingered on bed to do warm up exerciser. Arriving at the roof floor, I found the floor gathered with some patches of shallow water, so the first thing to do was to sweep away the water before it might infuse into the ceiling of my flat below. Without seeing the rising sun, I saw a clear view of the mountain range at the horizon under the cloudy sky. Since the climate felt similar to that of yesterday and the color tones of the scenery had not changed much, that I took out the washy picture did yesterday to work on. Meanwhile, high up at the sky, the sun successfully peep out from the crack amongst the thick clouds, but the vibrant orange ball was quickly shaded by the fast floating clouds. I was lucky to capture the scene with splash strokes of orange and yellow hues. Daylight intensifying without the sun shinning the earth that brightened up the scene of the mountain range to reveal details and layering at the background for me to depict. And instead of using bold, splashy strokes, I used a small brush to tint patches of intense hues for highlight.


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