The sky was gloomily cloudy at dawn. To release the pains on my back, I lingered on bed to do warm up exerciser. Climbing up steadily to the roof floor, I saw pinkish clouds emerge through the thick clouds high up the sky, and the view of the mountain range clear down below at the horizon. With less numbly pains on my hand, I felt as calm as the surface of the sea, so structurally, I planned to depict the Quarter of the Marine Police Force in the middle bottom of the page being embraced by the mountain range and the plants on shore. I began to learn more about the relative proportion and perspective of the overall view, and familiar with the hues on the new palette box. In order to keep the freshness of the washy picture, I made a pause leaving the rest to be completed the next day, when my hand began to numb again. Drizzle pretending to fall damping the air….


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