The pains on my back persisted. I stayed in my bedroom to do warm up exercise trying to release the pain before setting off to paint at the roof floor. Meanwhile, the sun quietly slipped through the clouds, and has risen up to the sky. In order to catch the sunrise moment, I cared not about the pains on my back but hurry to paint at the roof floor. The ball of egg yoke sun began to radiate strong light fading the orange color to pale yellowish white, while clouds surrounding it contrastingly tinted reddish orange. The radiating rays reflected a pale rainbow hue covering the sky, which later turned into pale purplish white. At the same time strong light reflected upon the tops of the mountain range creating gradient layers for them, which appeared like floating upon the calm seawater surface. I lost the patience to observe details when my hand began to numb painfully, so I quickly splashed strokes of blue tints left on the palette, but the tone was too close to that painted for the sky. So I boldly added hues of violet and deep green on the mountains at the front, and finally achieved a sense of depth. I fished the picture fast, while the neighbor was still hanging out her Tuesday wash.


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