The alarm clock did not ring but the pains on my back woke me after dawn. Though it was late, the paints did not allow me to hurry but detain at my room to do warm up exerciser. I saw thin misty clouds hung low upon the tops of the mountain range at the horizon when I climb up to the roof floor. I reluctantly laid out the drawing kit when my hands begin to numb. In order to complete a picture before the pains become unbearable that I painted the same view without exclusive. The more I paint, the more I learn about the growing penchant of the plants on the hill, which obviously related to the configuration of the mountain range. But the bushes on the hill on shore, locating closer in distance, visually appeared in groups of lumps. I tried to identity the lumps in turns of various tones of green so that a sense of depth could be created. But the link of my eyesight was confused by the complex composition and then I realized that I commit the same mistakes again to pay attention on individual elements other than treating the whole picture at the same time. Fortunately that the sun did not show up behind the clouds preventing bright light to gradually intensify the color or the view. Numbs in my hand weakened when I almost complete the picture.


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