After the alarm clock rang, I linger on bed to settle the pains on my back, while the sky was turning bright. When I climbed up to the roof floor I feel the humid dews floating in the warm air and the view was misty. Fogs began to suspend onto the mountaintops at the horizon and gradually covering them. I quickly spread out the drawing kit, and did not make sketch with pencil but a thin tip brush, which was used throughout the painting. I felt that when I drew at the time as I paint enrich my perception to observe more details of the object, in terms of contrasting hues. But the overall perspective and scale of the picture seemed to be neglected. Mixing hues from the box of new palette gave me a problem to tackle, because the structure of the picture seemed to be divided into four sections, they were the cloudy sky at the top, the mountain range and the seawater in the middle, and lastly, the shore at the foreground…. Meanwhile, under the dark cloudy sky, boats pull off horizontally and diagonally on the surface of the calm water heading for their destinations. A few drops of drizzle fell urging me to finish the morning picture when daylight was turning bright altering the intensity of the view.


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