At dawn the foggy sky was gloomy. It was warm but not humid when a warm current, blow from the South China Sea, brought fog that raises the temperature. I walked up the stair inside my flat unsteadily with the pains on my back, and reaching the roof floor I saw dense fogs suspending low from the sky. A sheer of soft mist concealed the complete rang of mountain at the horizon, leaving a couple of hills in the middle of the sea. Meanwhile, cruise and speedboat pull off out to the sea, disturbing the calm water to raise waves of white bubbles trails. Every thing seems to move fast racing with the time, so I quickly took a out a big brush to splash foggy sky pale grey, then changed to a small brush for the hills at sea. Since I do not have the habit to wash the brushes when mixing hues of other families that I chose to swap brushes for another hue. Though the range of green color applied for the plants on shore tuning muddy again, they did contrast to the hills at sea. I was just in time to finish depicting the plants at the foreground when fogs gradually suspended densely low to coving the complete view at sea.


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