At dawn the sky was misty grey. I got myself prepared and set off to paint at the roof floor above my flat. I observed a clear view when thick clouds scanned away the reflective daylight. After a several mornings’ practice I began to capture the scale and perspective on the frontal sea view. So I comfortably laid down the layer of mountains on the horizon one behind the other, but then I found that mountain did not seem to be any easier to depict than tress, and gradually massed them into a lump of unidentified object. When I tried to apply watercolor to clarify the view, another problem on using the new palette box arise, and meanwhile the hues seemed to be overwhelmed by the tints of ocean blue. At the same time stinky smell wafted from the garbage chute, located somewhere on the left side of the village, befuddling my working mood. Birds chirped somewhere on tress did not cheer the situation and I thought it was time to wrap the picture. So I used a thin brush to outline the building of the Marine Police Quarter, which did not seem to work too well on contrast, and then I stopped struggling but pack.


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