Dawn broke waking me up. Through the window of my room I saw a clear grey sky. By by the time I climbed up the rooftop of my flat, the sun began to rise from the horizon behind the dark purplish hill. With no time to linger, the orange round ball rose up to the sky tinting the surrounding clouds to yellowish orange and purplish brown. I immediately spread out the drawing kit on the table preparing to paint and meanwhile I forgot to bring the camera. Since I moved to Sai Kung, I have not had time yet to search around the local urban to paint, and therefor the rooftop above my flat became my convenience spot. I seemed to have lost the snapshots taking habit along the way to the painting station, perhaps the route was too shot and convenience for me to collect any missing materials. I felt regret not to find the new palette box because the old one left with limit hues disallowed me to mix the brilliant tones for the vibrant sun. Soon the struggle came to an end when the sun shins strong rays toward my eyes, while the colors of the scene lost the intensity under the bright reflective light.


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