Dawn broke much earlier than I set off to the park. The precinct was bright without park regulars but people dash to work. I took the route behind the viewing platform to the painting station after the usual snapshots. Under the bright daylight I glanced the mediation group exercising under the long curve pavilion, but the Hot Topic group has dismissed. The coach and a member of the Tai Chi Group doing warm up exercises and the members of the Snake Dancing and the Fusion Tai Chi groups were arriving. The cheering chats of people mingling with the speeding roar of the vehicles on the highway while flocks of birds flew in to chirp on the trees calling for people to visit the park. I saw the white blossom has its second bloom when most of the foliage fell from the tress around the park, giving way for stark branches to bear green buds. I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy through the exultant pathway, while the old guy used to do exercise on the bench next to me arrived and so as the group of oldies began to crowd the area by the side of the basketball field. I painted on the shadow picture that the wooded beam partition between the jogging and the cycling track was vaguely depicted at the bottom of the page. I did not use vibrant color to enhance the hedge plants but deeper greens to bring the images stand out amongst the painted shadows. I comfortably enjoyed painting while joggers and walker also arrive to share the cool breeze during late spring.


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