I got up before the alarm. On the precinct, dawn broke to sweep away the gloomy sky. Temperature dropped tremendously discouraging the park regulars visiting the park. Along the way to my painting station, I met the coach of the Tai Chi group stretching her body by the rail of the soccer field and perhaps she was the only person kept her schedule while the park seemed to be deserted. Sitting at the lonely cluster of the metal canopy, I opened my umbrella to shade against the drizzle sieving through the metal-net rooftop. In the absolute serenity, I leisurely took out one of the shadow pictures where a guy was depicted to walk inside a brush of shadows, he seemed in deep thoughts. By looking at the previous painting date, which marked as 26/1/2017, that instantly raise my feeling towards a Chinese poem saying “ Last year stood at the same door, people and the blooming blossoms echoed each other to reveal vitality. Now at the location, though the same faces of people were not being met, the blossoms remains swaying in the breeze. It is a sad poem memorizing the joyful past, however the oldies arrived noisily cheering up the melancholy park, which also encouraged me to add vibrant color brighten up the depicted scene.


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