I failed to set off to the park at dawn. The precinct was bright with no park regulars perhaps they had adjusted the visiting schedule. At the entrance of the park I met the coach of the Tai Chi Group. She hurried to Tai Chi Square preparing for the class, while I was busy taking snapshots, which images appeared clear. Near to the cluster of the metal canopy, a few members of the Snake Dancing Group walked leisurely towards their dancing pathway located by the side of the tennis courts. A couple of the oldies stretched their bodies by the perimeter fence of the basketball field matching to the depicted frontal view on the shadow-picture that I picked out to paint. Flocks of different spices gathered on the trees in the park, the chirps, whistles and songs merges with the isolated roars of the speeding vehicles on the highway, and the mutters of the passers-by on the pathway. Meanwhile, a jogger wearing a pair of sport shoes in luminous orange color flashed my eyesight, and I noticed the green foliage hedge plant on the picture was messily painted. Finding the situation not being reversible, I quickly splashed a few stokes to enhance the images of the moving figure before packing to leave.


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