On the gloomy precinct, isolated drizzle temporarily stopped leaving the air humid and the ground wet. The moistures in the air nourishing the foliage to bud loosely at the tip of the stark branches, they swayed gently in the cool breeze. A few unfamiliar faces rushed to enter the park were soon out of my sight. I travelled along the route at the back of the viewing platform glancing some dark silhouette of people moving inside the gloomy pavilion, and I suspected them to be the meditation group, who changed their practice location when the viewing platform was closed for renovation. At the Tai Chi Square the silhouette of the Tai Chi coach was moving up and down along the gloomy pavilion that I almost missed her sight. On the clear and cool pathway, dim roars of the vehicles on the highway, mutterings of people on the footbridge mingled with the chirping of the birds on the trees together vitalized the park in peaceful harmony. Joggers preferred to jog on the pathway because the track gathers water pools, while I felt happy to gain a clear frontal site to view. I spent litter to fill up the gaps amongst the abundance of plants shadows painted on the paper before hand. And I left the park when activities groups began their games.


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