Cold air current blew from South China Sea dropping the temperature and the humidity. On the bright and windy precinct people put on thick jackets again. I met park regulars leaving the park more than entering; perhaps they had resumed the summer schedule. Besides the Tai Chi and Snake Dancing groups, a Fusion Group mixing the characteristic of Tai Chi to modern dance also got ready to start the class at the Buzzy Square. The group of oldies by the side of the basketball filed did not run behind them, they began the stretching exercises before I settle to paint. When I was deleting the unwanted photos to gain more space on the memory chip of the camera, the sky has turned too bright for me to record the blue moment of the morning, so I quickly picked out one of the half painted pictures to paint. The composition of the picture consisted a large paper bark tree stands vertically on the left edge of the paper, a row of hedge plant lay horizontally along the bottom line, also a figure of the big woman, who used to arrive earlier than the other members of the group, stretching her body behind the hedge plant that conformed to balance the entire structure. When I was drawing atop the faint images with deep color tones, a sweeping sound wafted from the pathway, so I took a good look around finding the huge guy park attendant sweeping inside the tennis court. He worked so fast that he soon starts to sweep the ground where the oldies were exercising. The oldies tried to greet him, but he refused and leaves the place carrying the broom on his shoulder. To avoid his attention I gave up the ides to take snapshot of him but pack to leave too.


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