On the cool and gloomy precinct I met a few oldies returning home after the morning exercises. Besides those early birds, the park regulars seemed to delay the schedule in visiting the park. On the shadowy pathway, I saw the thin clouds floating across the misty blue sky, while people travelling to and fro in moving silhouettes. Soon as I settled at the cluster of the metal canopy, the old guy used to sit on the bench next to me arrived too. The half done picture that I chose to paint having vague images that I spent times to sort out the painted frontal view. Eventually the wooden bean partition on the right bottom corner gave me notion of the position. But then instead of the pillar of the canopy, I reverted it into the large paper skin tree having small braches bearing orange foliage. Though all the elements seemed floating together with the shadows of the branches, which maintained the mysterious felt sense in the dark.


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